About Envico Indonesia

Following the successful story of KCH service with PTEI in Indonesia, KnitMesh Ltd the separation equipment manufacturer from UK also appointed PTEI on May 2004 as their sole agent & distributor to handle Indonesia oil gas separation market.

PTEI which is fully supported by KCH and Knitmesh has risen to be expert and professional separation Service Company. On January 2005, the Dutch Flare Ignition Company named Smitsvonk BV and the legendary Thomassen Pumping Unit also trust us to start business relations and appointed PTEI as their sole agent and distributor for Indonesia market. Our main objective is to provide expertise in engineering and high quality services to help our clients meet their business requirements in compliance with applicable codes and standards. All PTEI organization and individuals to be assigned for the project shall have the responsibilities to perform their own activities in accordance with contractual.

Caesar Oil Services is the official the exclusive supplier for Thomassen Pumping unit spare parts. As a major part of the Thomassen Pumping units are installed in Indonesia, Caesar Oil Services has been active in pumping unit business in Indonesia since 1996. Since 2001, Caesar Oil Services extended his business activities to Industrial Separation Equipment The business networks of Caesar Oil Services and PTEI were combined when PTEI entered the market for Separation equipment in Indonesia. The PTEI agencies for European companies are supported by Caesar Oil Services from the office in The Netherlands. PTEI and COS are working together for the business development of Separation equipment and Flare ignition systems. Including promotion/ introduction visits to clients in Indonesia and technical training sessions for PTEI staff.